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I was a bit skeptical after watching the trailer, but surprisingly Palm Springs (2020) is satisfying, entertaining, and has no dull moments. It is absurdly funny throughout the movie

Premise: A wedding at palm springs, a city in California. Two strangers Nyles (Andy Samberg) and Sarah (Cristin Milioti) stuck in a time loop, repeating the wedding day over and over…Palm Springs is about these two strangers how they fall in love in this bizarre scenario and finding ways to escape the time loop. Will they succeed, or will they be stuck for eternity?

Review: The premise of palm springs is nothing new its ” one of those infinite time loop situations you might have heard of,” and maybe you saw a couple of movies similar to it. What’s interesting in this movie is the two witty characters Nyles and Sarah, their absurd comedy, weird moments, and how they find joy rather than suffering on the wedding day that they both hate to live in because of (Spoiler) past. And eventually, both fall in love.

Nyles is a carefree guy. He gave up escaping after many many time loops and then masters the several ways to entertain himself, enjoys his life like there is no tomorrow (literally, for him, there is no tomorrow, so he had no choice). On the other hand, Sarah is the sister of the bride and has some issues… somehow, when she dragged into the mess of this time loop, where the fun begins in the movie. She tries to escape this time loop numerous times, failing every time. Such as driving back to her hometown and still waking up in palm springs the same wedding day. Slowly she sees logic in Nyle’s philosophy of enjoying life. And as seen in the trailer, they party, dance, drinks try all sorts of fun happy stuff.

The bond and chemistry between Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti are really good, definitely carries this movie and makes a very watchable. Even with the little screen time J.K. Simmons stole scenes he in it, he was hilarious. The progression of the story and the characterization through the same day makes us curious and exciting in every loop.

Cons: The main problem I had is that it skips the pivotal moments like the character transformation, and the resolution for change is not that believable. Palm springs plays on the safe side. It never takes risks, never gets serious. It sticks to the cheesy comedy (which is great in the first 40 minutes, after that, it didn’t work for me). The ending could have been better. And of course, the horrible CGI.

Conclusion: With just 90 minutes of fast-paced comedy in the genre of the time loop that we all love about, I think it’s hard to hate Palm Springs. It’s quite entertaining. I had a good time watching this movie. Don’t expect too much; just lay back and enjoy the movie. My Rating 6.5/10

Director: Max Barbakow
Cast: Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, J.K. Simmons
Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Romance

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