Anudeep Sambaraju

"Learning to learn, and changing yourself is a superpower"

"I know that it's out of the question! I know that it's out of my reach! Even so!" Even so, I... I want something genuine."

Hi, I am Anudeep, a Civil Engineer from India. A novice programmer, working as a Data Analyst, ya I know, what I studied, what I am doing, what I want to be are not connected. More about my professional work at anudeep.tech

There are two things I will never stop doing in my life one is watching Movies/Anime, and the second is watching Movies/Anime. I have not gone to any film school nor done journalism to help with the movie reviewing. Still, I have a strong passion and enthusiasm for filmmaking and film criticism. So, I started this site. I am making the various top best Movies/Anime lists that I watched and ordering them—occasionally writing full movie reviews.

I hope you enjoy my site. Happy viewing.