Extraction (2020) Movie review


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Extraction hardly survived only because of the stunning, action-packed scenes and Chris Hemsworth.

Director: Cory Finley
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Alison Janney, Geraldine Viswanathan.
Genre: Drama, Biography, Thriller

Premise: Extraction is an action thriller movie made for TV on Netflix. Extraction is a story of a fearless assassin (Chris Hemsworth) who is on a mission to rescue the kidnapped son of a captive international crime lord.⠀

Review: Sam Hargrave, best known as a stunt coordinator, worked in films like avengers endgame, Thor Ragnarok, The winter soldier, and many. Extraction is Sam’s feature directorial debut. Sam Hargrave knows what he wants when coming to action scenes. For a car chase scene, he chose to tie himself to the hood of the car to record the scene; all his hard work paid off, close combat, shooting, all the action scenes are incredible, well-choreographed. With this film, Chris Hemsworth proved, not only he is also good with the hammer he can amazingly handle guns as well, did a great job

Cons: if I deliberately want to spoil the movie, I can’t because there is nothing to say. Even though it has a great action sequence with it’s a weak plot and poor character development, the movie seemed aimless and didn’t grasp the interest. And what’s with the red-yellowish filter, although it spends 65 million dollars, the production doesn’t look like that. Many factual and geographical errors.

Conclusion: Despite the negative, the good thing is that Extraction doesn’t drag at all. It’s only 100 minutes if it’s for theater, it’s hard to recommend gladly it’s not. If you only want to see Chris Hemsworth in action flying bullets, Extraction doesn’t disappoint you, if not better to watch John wick, The raid, again. My Rating 5/10.


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