Best 20 Movies Of 2021 – Must Watch

-Created on 15th AUG 2022

In general, 2021 is a great year for streaming platforms; we had inspiring movies like tick tick…BOOM, Don’t Look Up and Jai Bhim. Also, this year we had a clash between filmmakers and producers for releasing the films on the same day or week later on streaming services. Films that are meant to be experienced on the big screen, which was intended by artists while making had few audiences.

Movies like West Side Story, C’mon C’mon, Last Night in Soho, and The Last Duel had suffered from this major misstep by producers. On the other hand, blockbusters like Dune, Spiderman NWH, Free Guy, and The Suicide Squad have smashed the box office.

Note - If you don't see your favorite movie, maybe they are in the previous or following year.

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