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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax! Review.

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 12
Release: 2020 I Status- Finished
(Also known as Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan)

Review: As this is the final season. I was genuinely excited to watch because I loved the previous seasons. At the same time, I don’t want this season to happen because after Hachiman opens his heart, which one he is in love with, Yui or Yukino, one will get hurt. Why am I thinking like Hachiman??

Our main characters amazingly explored and transformed a lot at a realistic pace in the last two seasons. Hachiman is cynical and a lone wolf; he refuses to receive help and always self-sacrifices for others. With the help of club members, he transmutes, opening himself little by little, also the way of solving problems without hurting himself.

Yukino, the first club member of the service club, has a brutal cold personality, is talented in every aspect, and always wants to surpass his older sister. She hurts people around her with her honest words and always hides her soft side. She changes into a kind person and also makes friends.

And our final member, Yui, brings colors and humor to the club with her cheerful, friendly, and kind attitude. She conceals her sorrow behind an attractive smile. She also changes, even opening her heart to Hachiman by giving valentine chocolates at the end of season two.

Beacuse of these well-written characters and the fantastic script I loved both seasons and this season is no different. We don’t see many adventures like the previous one; here, it revolves around graduation prom. Yukino wants to succeed in the prom event as a committee member without depending on Hachiman or Yui. And also, the three have to face their biggest enemy -love. Where it gets too complicated, they struggle to express their love. The dialogues……. I said the capsule review. It was already 300 words; let’s shorten it to central points.

I know that it’s out of the question! I know that it’s out of my reach! Even so!” Even so, I… I want something genuine. – Hachiman

This finale season might not be interesting as the previous, but it is the best way to end. The realistic elements and heavy drama, and good humor amazingly put together and surprisingly never mention love in their confessions. The character interaction and heavy dialogue usage are brilliant. As said above, the characters are very well developed, so here, the more mature characters are very well utilized.

The animation is attractive from backgrounds to characters definitely surpasses the previous season, the soundtrack and opening are decent. The only thing I didn’t like is after episode eleven it didn’t explore xxx character; she left in tears, anyway it ends with a satisfactory confession. Overall, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season three is complex conflicts of hearts very well shown in 12 episodes—my rating 7.5/10

My Hero Academia 4th Season Review.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure
Episodes: 25
Release: 2020 I Status- Finished
(Also known as Boku no Hero Academia)

Review: Izuku Midoriya starts his internship at Sir Nighteye, a former sidekick of All Might. So, he can learn more about All Might abilities and tactics; he joins with the recommendation of Mirio Togata, a senior classmate to Midoriya. Nighteye has the ability to see the future. Midoriya learns Mirio was the original selection to inherit All Might powers and knows All Might’s tragic fate.

I really liked the previous seasons even though it was cringe, repeatable because It has emotion, motivation in characters like. In the first season, Midoriya wants to be a superhero without power. He works hard and takes his body to the limit to save others. And great characterization like in season two, and of course best action sequence as we saw in season three All Might finale battle. Sadly, this season doesn’t have any of those things I love and did not try anything different to appreciate its flaws.

First, with good points, the animation is decent. The inspiring soundtrack is amazing. That’s the main reason I started this anime. Even for small parts, Mirio’s backstory and action sequences are incredible. And also, in one episode where Midoriya uses his full strength is entertaining. The new villain in the second phase of the season, Gentle Criminal, and his backstory is distinctive.

The problem with My Hero Academia season four, in the major arc of saving Eri, isn’t capitative enough for me to invest in the plot or the characters because of its poor execution. And also, the episodes of the school cultural festival are super tedious to me. Sadly, this season makes me think about why I started this anime; maybe this is not for me. It’s not that bad, but the main problem is it drags this okayish season to 25 episodes. This season seriously suffers from pacing issues. I hope next season will be better and if it is going to continue like Fairy Tale, Sword Art Online, just say I will drop it—my rating 6/10.

A Whisker Away (2020) movie review.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Director: Junichi Sato, Tomotaka Shibayama
(Also known as Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu)

Premise: Miyo is a hyperactive girl, and she madly loves Hinoda and flirts with him daily despite rejection. Everyone calls her Muge, meaning Miss Ultra Gaga and Enigmatic, but she is upset inside due to family issues. One day Miyo discovers a magic mask that will allow her to transform ito a cat. She spends her time after school at Hinode home in cat form, keeps him company while he is studying, pottering, and listens to his problems. She decides that life with Hinode as a cat is better than her human life…. and…

Review: Studio Colorado, the production company, also brought the Penguin Highway (2018) movie, so I was really excited to see A Whisker Away (2020). The premise is fascinating, about a girl concealing her sadness, daringly showing her love towards Hinode and a fantasy element. With this, the strong premise A Whisker Away could be a good emotional drama, but with lousy execution, lack of characterization, it turns out to be a dull, flat movie with annoying character, boring story.

Miyo’s love for Hinode does not feel strong. There are no compelling reasons to explain her actions; I couldn’t see any real motivation as to why Miyo loves Hinode in the first place. As a result, the romance felt annoying. And the subplot of her mother abandoning her, the problem with her stepmom doesn’t explore much. Also, narration seemed weird, maybe because there is too much of self talking or an unsharpened dialogue. Despite its wasted potential, I enjoyed it a bit, and has beautiful animation—my rating 5/10.

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